The name Asscher will always be synonymous with the iconic diamond cut developed by the Asscher family, but delving into the rich heritage behind the name reveals so much more. This is an intriguing story of master craftsmen transforming some of the most precious gems, in the world, into legendary stones set into royal regalia, past and present.

The Asscher family have been ‘diamond people’ since the 19th century, and hold a very special position in the history of the important gems of the world. JMA bring to life the essence of this heritage in their new collections, in a blend of classic and contemporary. In tune with their legacy,  they have produced timelessly elegant creations, which will delight their owners for generations.

Jan Maarten Asscher’s  ranges are inspired by the great events of the Asscher family History. In the collections you will find elements from the Arts and Crafts movement, hints of elegant Art Nouveau, and settings which nod toward the Art Deco movement. Woven through these, the iconic Asscher and Jubilee cuts stand proudly together with original pieces,  some of which which draw their inspiration from the crown jewels. The collections are epitomised by an unwavering commitment to excellence from the entire company.

JMA’s commitment to originality, craftsmanship and excellence, combined with their immense experience and heritage, introduce an exciting new presence in the world of designer jewellery.


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