Excellence in diamonds

In their new collection, JMA celebrate their heritage and craftsmanship, in an original and innovative style.

We are all inspired by beautiful diamonds, by the mystery of their depth, colour and history. A breathtaking stone, is a rarity, and JMAsscher seek perfection in shape, colour and clarity, for all their jewels. The result is the certificated brilliance and excellence, that is the watchword of the company.

Artistic interpretation, and exceptional knowledge in high jewellery, have been combined to create prestigious contemporary pieces. In the new retail ranges, we find a modern interpretation of the heritage of JMAsscher in a collection of sumptuous jewellery, that fills one with wonder.

To highlight this, in the coloured stone collection, JMAsscher have given a new twist to the idea of the sceptre, by turning it into something to be worn as an elegant pendant, A glorious combination of textures, colours and light characterises this quintessentially regal piece. It epitomises their treatment of the marriage of old and new, heritage and innovation.

Whilst  materials, craftsmanship and bespoke design, can add up to a hefty price tag, JMAsscher  designs will still be worth the splurge. After all, the pieces of jewellery from their collections can be worn every day, yet are guaranteed to turn the head of any jewellery collector.


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