The Asscher Legacy

JMA epitomises the excitement which always surrounds iconic jewellery, and in the case of the Asscher family, the legendary gems they have produced.

Jan Maarten Asscher is a descendant of one of the most famous diamond dynasties in history. The Asscher legacy is one of innovation, excellence and craftsmanship developed by successive generations of master craftsmen.

Innovation – with cutting-edge diamond manufacturing technology and advanced techniques culminating in unique diamond shapes and cuts.

Excellence – with skills honed over decades of knowledge and uncompromising quality learnt through creating some of the most famous diamonds in the world.

Craftsmanship – with inexorable attention to detail expressed through crowning cut, symmetry and finish.

All this finesse is melded with original designs which have been inspired by classical and iconic influences. These, to subtly re-create elements that have delighted in the past, yet hold the promise to be heirlooms of the future.

The distillation of these key elements results in the creation of JMA’s collections of exquisite pieces, which like all the best fine jewellery in the world, have an air of gravitas that cannot be ignored.


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