On May the 12th, the stage was set at for the JMAsscher stalwarts to participate in the charity event for  DEBRA. The DEBRA charity provides support for sufferers of  EB a group of genetic skin disorders, which cause great distress to those unfortunate enough to be afflicted.

Jan Maarten Asscher, was joined by colleagues Graham Woods and Mark Walker, took to the clay stands to make the most of the Royal Berkshire Shooting School’s clay pigeon challenge.

Graham woods takes aim. for the JMAsscher team

Graham woods takes aim. for the JMAsscher team

Appropriately the day was started by a sporting breakfast with coffee. The professional shooting instructors provided by Royal Berkshire were at hand to keep the teams equipped with all the necessary equipment and create the simulated pheasant flushes, which make these events so authentic.


Mark Walker hitting his target.

Set in One of the most expansive grounds in the country, the Royal Berkshire Shooting School is often regarded as the most innovative and forward thinking shooting school in the UK. Debra rounded off the event to perfection by offering a champagne reception and gourmet lunch.



JMAsscher were pleased to donate an exquisite diamond pendant to add to the charity donations to this worthy cause. The bidding for the “one of its kind diamond jewel” was vigorous and the winning bidder paid £4,100.

To quote Andrew Colville, Corporate and Events Manager for DEBRA; ”The day was a great success. We were very lucky with the weather, all the guests enjoyed their shooting and the auction went extremely well.”

“Total income for the day was in excess of £75,000. JMA are kindly supporting with donations for the charity auctions at three further DEBRA Shooting Society events on 3, 10 June and on 23 September, our DEBRA Sporting Challenge at the Holland & Holland Shooting Grounds”


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