In celebration of their 102nd anniversary, Colin, Christine and the team at H.Letto & Son are launching the new diamond jewellery brand; Jan Maarten Asscher.

The JMAsscher brand has been created by Jan Maarten Asscher, a descendant of the celebrated Asscher diamond dynasty. As one of successive generations that have cleaved, cut and polished, some of the most legendary diamonds in history, it is fitting that the JMAsscher collections are inspired by great events in the family’s history. These include the Excelsior diamond,  and the Cullinan diamonds, which were cut to be included in the British Crown Jewels.

A Jan Maarten Asscher specialist will be in store on Thursday 12 November from 10am to 7pm and Friday 13 November from 9.30am to 5pm.

Special prices are available on purchases and orders taken on both days.

Clients can reserve a one-to-one appointment to discuss the collections and bespoke items with the team at H Letto & Son

To set up an appointment please send an email to or Telephone 01534 730952

H.Letto & Son Ltd.

18 Charing Cross,

St Helier,


Telephone 01534 730952


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