A beautiful floral inspired 1ct solitaire diamond earring from the Ernest Jones collection. Advertisements

Diamonds and rubies form the Jan Maarten Asscher collection exclusively for Ernest Jones.

JMAsscher stalwarts participate in the charity event for DEBRA.

  In celebration of their 102nd anniversary, Colin, Christine and the team at H.Letto & Son are launching the new diamond jewellery brand; Jan Maarten Asscher. The JMAsscher brand has been created by Jan Maarten Asscher, a descendant of the celebrated Asscher diamond dynasty. As one of successive generations that have cleaved, cut and polished, some […]

Jan Maarten Asscher, as befits a member of the celebrated family Asscher, is renowned for his expertise, in diamond cut, symmetry and finish.   Together with the design team at JMAsscher they have produced designs which use artistic interpretation, to create imaginative, original, contemporary pieces for the elegant original collections. Ever alive with conceptual ideas, the […]

The legendary stones used in the Crown Jewels are emblematic of the rich and varied history of the British Monarchy. Each with their own colourful tale, they add yet more gravitas to the Royal regalia. Within the design portfolio of JMAsscher jewellery we find a skilfull blend of the quintessential elements of these fabulous gems. […]